Quintik Technologies helps clients make sense of data by providing state-of-the-art expertise in data science, finance and optimization.
We have worked for some of the largest organizations in finance, manufacturing, energy, public health and consulting in Europe and the US. A selection of projects we have worked on includes:

Data Analysis, Data Engineering & Database Design

  • designed, planned and implemented a database combining different structured and unstructured data sources for an asset management company from scratch
  • from prototype to production: We helped a client in the automotive sector in moving prototype data analysis code to production by packaging code and speeding up core functionalities by translating them to C++
  • developed and implemented a sales analytics dashboard including automated custom reports for a retail business client that summarizes time-sensitive and critical information about its business
  • from local to cloud: For a client in the automotive sector we moved time-sensitive analysis that are critical for the clients business from local infrastructure to the cloud. Using Apache Spark and PySpark we achieved an increase in efficiency and reliability.

Quantitative Finance

  • developed and implemented an exotic options trading and analysis system for Deutsche Bank
  • developed yield surface models used for MBS pricing and other fixed income securities at Bear Stearns
  • developed quantitative trading algorithms exploiting mispricings in Treasury futures at Fuji securities
  • developed and applied portfolio optimization, systematic trading strategies & quantitative risk management systems at Mariner Investment Group
  • developed and applied valuation and hedging models for credit derivatives (CDS, CDS indices, CDS index tranches, CLOs, MBS, etc.)
  • wrote software for composite likelihood estimation in the class of multivariate ordinal regression models to model corporate credit ratings 

Stochastic Optimization

  • designed and implemented a multi-stage stochastic contract design optimization model for an energy provider for tailoring supply contracts to specific large clients.

Recommendation Systems

  • developed and implemented a recommendation system for duplicate detection and data reconciliation for a large proprietary ERP system
  • consulted on, developed and implemented a recommendation system for a large online pharmacy to improve upon its current system
  • developed and implemented an automated customer complaint classification system for a large retail bank using supervised learning and text mining